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Service and Repair by an ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council) licensed mechanic.
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Excel Diagnostic comes to you for your vehicle's air conditioner needs.

There’s nothing like a hot and humid Brisbane day to test your car’s air conditioner. If you find it’s struggling to keep you cool out on the road, it might be time to call Excel Diagnostic.

It's not just cars, we work on all manner of vehicles with dash mounted air-conditioning systems including trucks, forklifts and earth moving equipment.

Best of all, there’s no need to get yourself hot and bothered. We can bring our decades of automotive experience and knowledge to a place that suits you. Our mobile automotive air-conditioning professional can get your system back to tip top condition in no time at a very competitive price.

Before starting any work, all services and repairs will receive a written quote.

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Diagnose, regas, repair car air-conditioners

If your vehicle’s air-conditioner isn’t feeling as cool as it used to or has just stopped working all together, call Excel Diagnostic.

Our auto air conditioning specialist can inspect, diagnose and repair your car’s air conditioner.

At Excel Diagnostic, our specialty is figuring out and fixing faults in cars. We have been trained using the latest diagnostic equipment so you can have confidence that we’ll identify issues accurately and efficiently.

There are many things that can go wrong with a car’s air-conditioning system

  • Low refrigerant gas levels
  • Mechanical issue including problems with the condenser, evaporator, receiver-dryer or the expansion tube
  • Compressor clutch faults
  • Leak in the system
  • Loss of pressure
  • Moisture trapped, causing corrosion
  • Clogged filters

Excel Diagnostic can ensure your vehicle's air-conditioning system is working properly at a time and place convenient for you so you can get on with work or living life.

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Call your licensed mobile air conditioning technician on 0498 994 231

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Air Conditioner Service

Just like you service the rest of your car, it’s important to regularly service your car’s air conditioner to keep it working properly and stop serious problems from developing.

This could save you significant money in the long run. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend you get your car's air-conditioning serviced every two years.

At Excel Diagnostic, our automotive air conditioning service includes:

  • Recover of gas
  • Replacement of the receiver/dryer (if fitted)
  • Evacuation of the system
  • Adding oil or dye
  • Refilling with an appropriate amount of gas
  • Testing

Excel Diagnostic is ARC certified.

As it’s illegal in Australia to re-gas any automotive air conditioning system with a leak, before regassing your car's air con, an ARC (Australian Refrigeration Council) licensed mechanic must check for leaks.

Excel Diagnostic is an ARC certified business, following the industry best practice by testing and inspecting for leaks in every vehicle before adding refrigerant gas to the system.

We practice only within ARC guidelines, giving you peace of mind when we’re working on your vehicle and confidence that you will stay comfortable in your car all year round.

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